No Fnord News Show on this years congress?

Unfortunately the program committee of the upcoming Chaos Communication Congress preliminary voted that it does not like the Fnord News Show that I wanted to do together with Fefe . I am a bit disappointed, given that the previous shows had always a packed and enthusiastic audience and were about the only item that combined politics and fun on the Congress. If you like to judge for yourself take a look at the show we did at What The Hack this summer (better use the .torrent here , the server is overloaded). Leave me a comment here if you like, I am interested in your feedback/rant/opinion (link below).

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3 thoughts on “No Fnord News Show on this years congress?

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  2. Jens Kubieziel

    Ich wrote a comment in blog (german). However I disagree with that decision. I would really like to have Fnord News at this years congress. First of all it was a very funny event and it was one of the best lectures at XC3. You brought up some nice news. But more important is that it learned me to be more critical when reading news and to read more different sources. I hope that the decision against Fnord is not final and will be revised.

  3. Heiko


    I want the Fnord show! This was one of the highlights of the CCCongress!

    Heiko – really disappointed

    Is there a online petition?

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