LEGO madness

Everyone seems to be of the opinion that LEGO is finally getting it and is listening to its users. I had a similar impression, until recentlt. That changed when I tried to get the update for the Mindstorms NXT Software to version 1.1. The german LEGO site says you can order it throgh the online shop. The german online shop does not know the software. Only when switching the country selector in the shop to USA, voiala, there is the NXT Software. Only that the US-shop refuses to ship to Germany. The FAQs provide no real answers, the contact form happily swallows my question, but never an answer arrives.

So, if anyone reading this can help me obtaining by 21st century means a copy of the NXT 1.1 software, please mail me or leave comment. LEGO won’t sell to Europeans. Which is all the more frustrating, as the 1.1 software seems to fix a number of really annoying bugs in the 1.0 software, that make it partially unusable.

Update: A reader from the US was so nice to help me out and upload the copy I purchased and had delivered to his address. Thanks!