Colophon & (Non)Privacy

This is the personal weblog of Frank Rieger. It contains my strictly personal opinions only. I don´t speak here for any organization or company. Nothing posted here should be constructed or quoted as “speaking for …”, “Frank Rieger of … said” or similar forms of attribution. Thanks.

You may reach me at f-bloginput at
I will ignore your mail if it is not relevant, funny or interesting. Use the comment function to comment on posts. Comments are currently disabled.

Privacy (expect none)
IP adresses and some of the data that is transmitted by your browser will be logged for a while for purposes of usage statistics, data correlation experiments as well as for spam and troll defense. Don´t expect anonymity or privacy here if you don´t take care of it yourself by technical means (see here for how to do that), which you should do anyway. This blog is run on a fragile php-construct named WordPress that is known to be exploited from time to time, so I can and will not make any promises regarding security or protection of data or identity information left here intentionally or unintentionally. You have been warned. Please take care.

Opinions voiced in the comments to posts are not mine but those of the readers, who quite often happen to disagree with me. Comments that are stupid, offensive or ugly may be deleted as I see fit. This is not a democracy or a free-for-all forum. This my blog and you are a guest. So please behave or go away.

The contents created by me for this Blog falls under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License, content just linked or referenced of course not. For requests for commercial use of my texts or pictures, use the e-mail adress provided above.

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